Breaking News – EHV1 Outbreak in Wake County

As many of you may have heard, there has been an outbreak of the EHV1 – Equine Herpes Virus 1 – in Northern Wake County, which has unfortunately had devastating results. This is not a new disease. I remember we were fighting this problem some 35 years ago as well. To speak unscientifically, and as.. read more →

Prescription for Rainy Day Blues?

I guess one could practice veterinary medicine for hundreds of years and still experience a new phenomenon and not be surprised. That being said, I have been somewhat mystified with the near devastating effect this wet and muddy summer has had on the health of our local horse population. My horses, like many others, are.. read more →

Tetanus: An Old Nemesis Rears it’s Ugly Head

I received a call from a stable that had a 2yr. old filly who was acting very strange.  She had assumed a stiff and stilted stance, was reluctant to move, could not eat or drink, and her eyes were looking “odd.”    Possibly the only good thing about being an old, or should I say, “more.. read more →