After 30 years of practicing equine medicine in Durham, Person, Wake and surrounding Counties of North Carolina, Dr. Lloyd Heron established Flat River Veterinary Hospital to fulfill the need for a complete equine hospitalization facility in this locale, that would serve the needs of our clients and  provide a referral option for other veterinary practitioners in the area – with whom we have established both a reputable and congenial relationship. We are also pleased to enjoy a cooperative working relationship with the veterinary staff at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine.

Nearly 40 years of experience combined with up-to-date medical equipment and our commitment to keeping up with the latest innovative surgical and non-surgical procedures through continuing education affords us the opportunity to offer our clients a truly comprehensive large animal veterinary service.  Our particular areas of keen interest include but are not limited to: Advanced Surgery, Lameness Diagnostics and Intervention, Trauma Resolution and Advanced Reproductive Technique.Flat River Veterinary Hospital offers fine, practical veterinary care for your animal with an economical consideration, set in a relaxed and professional atmosphere.