Prescription for the Rainy Day Blues How has this wet and muddy summer affected
the health of our local horse population? What
should you be looking out for during these rainy seasons?
Prescription for the Rainy Day Blues
Tetanus: An Old Nemesis Rises A 2yr. old filly is acting very strange.
She has a stiff and stilted stance,
can not eat or drink, and her eyes look "odd."
Tetanus is not dead. How can you protect your horse?
Tetanus: An Old Nemesis Rises
Equine Rain Rot In our humid climate, it can be a problem.
The absolute key to affect a cure for rain rot
is to treat the problem where it lives.
Equine Rain Rot
Equine Vaccinations Find answers to some commonly asked questions
about our recommended vaccine program
Equine Vaccinations
Equine Dental Care Today, horses are feeling better, performing
better and certainly, even living longer
due to diligent dental care.
Equine Dental Care
Pre-Purchase Exams Owning a horse can be a big investment in time,
money and emotion. We can help you investigate
all aspects of the horse before you buy.
Pre-Purchase Exams
Doc Heron’s Blog Visit Doc Heron's blog for helpful information
that will help you give your horse the best
chance for good health and a long life.
Doc Heron’s Blog
Diagnostic Imaging The latest in technology for Digital Diagnostic
Imaging ensuring the fastest clearest results possible.
Diagnostic Imaging